12 Girls You May Date Before Finding The One 12 Girls You May Date Before Finding The One
Share this on WhatsApp As a man, you will will find yourself dating a variety of women. It is rare to find your perfect... 12 Girls You May Date Before Finding The One

As a man, you will will find yourself dating a variety of women. It is rare to find your perfect match at a young age, and most people need to date around in order to find the right person for them. Many think that men are different from women in the sense that they aren’t looking for “the one.” They may not have been dreaming about their wedding day since
before they can remember, but all guys want to eventually find the perfect girl for them.
However, there are so many different kinds of girls, so I narrowed it down to the girls you are guaranteed to come across and most likely date throughout your single years. There are countless reasons why relationships don’t work and most of them boil down to compatibility. Men are not as quick when it comes to reading the opposite s*x as women, so sometimes it takes them a bit longer to figure out how horribly wrong a girl is for them.
The girl you end up with may have little qualities of each of these next categories but she will have the perfect amount of each for you. There is nothing wrong with enjoying to party or being a bit nerdy, however it all depends what kind of girl you are looking for. The following categories of girls are
guaranteed to remind you of someone you know.
If you are discouraged in your attempt at finding the perfect girl, don’t be, she is out there. Just keep on dating and you will know she is right once you find her.

12. The Party Girl
You meet this girl at some over-priced club one night as she is dancing on the table. You strike up a conversation after she stumbles past you. The two of you start taking shots together and next thing you know you are making out like teenagers. Every time you see her she is wearing something tight or short,
or tight and short. Every song that comes on the radio is “her
song” and she has no problem blasting it in her Mercedes- Benz. You will date this girl for a bit until you realize she is not wife material and you will end things. She will be sad at first, but history will eventually repeat itself when she meets her next victim at the club.

11. The Snob
You meet this girl somewhere pretentious like an art exhibit or a wedding occasion. After a short amount of seeing each other you begin to notice her trying to change you. She is condescending
towards both you and your friends and never appears satisfied. Regardless of what present you buy her, she never seems to be happy. She bases everything on monetary belongings and after
a while her good looks fade and her shallow and snobbish core is exposed. You try and help her find joy in the simpler things in life and after a while her demanding behavior becomes exhausting and you run for the hills.

10. The “One Night Stand”
The danger with having a one night stand is having one that turns into a relationship. You meet this girl when you are belligerently drunk and your standards are no longer existent. You wake up in the morning with no recollection on who she is
or how she got in your bed. She is sweet, kind and a little sl*tty and the two of you date for a while regardless of how little the two of you have in common. When you decide to break up with
her you are in shock with how badly she takes it. Although you may not remember the first night you guys met, she does and for her it will always be the most special night of her single life.

9. The One Who is Out of Your League She is sweet and kind and she is that perfect mix of s*xy and cute. You meet her in class and her sweet nature instantly draws you in. The only problem is that every man that meets her is drawn to her. The two of you date and she is totally into you, yet you have no idea why. Every time you guys go anywhere, you feel as if everyone around you is wondering what she can possibly see in you. After a few months your jealousy and insecurity begins to get the best of you and she eventually breaks up with you because she can’t handle it. The worst part is that the next chump she dates is even worse than you!

8. The Crazy One. You don’t even know how you met this girl, she just sort of appeared in your life. After a month of dating she has redecorated your apartment, told you she loves you and has already spent hours on the phone with your mother discussing your childhood. The thing about the crazy ones is they are usually the hottest girls. You can differentiate a crazy-hot girl from a hot-crazy girl by looking at their eyes. Crazy girls have
crazy eyes. There is nothing specific about crazy eyes, it’s one of those “you know it when you see it” things. You date her only because you fear what she will do when you break up with her. Eventually you can’t take it anymore and you let her down as easy as possible, which doesn’t help. She goes nuts either breaking something you love or trying to hurt you, either way it’s worth it to get the “crazy one” out of your life.

7. The Athletic One
You meet this girl at the gym or while the two of you
are training for a marathon. Although her face isn’t incredible her body is outstanding which instantly draws you to her. Her perfectly shaped ass and toned body makes you dream about what it would be like to sleep with her. She works as either a
yoga instructor or a spin teacher. However, her obsession with fitness slowly becomes a problem when you realize that she is stronger than you. She forbids you from eating fattening foods and more importantly forbids you from drinking beer, she even uses the expression “empty calories.” You eventually snap at some vegan restaurant and break up with her. The worst part about the breakup is that now you need to find a new gym.

6. The Promiscuous One
This girl has either slept with one of your friends or a family member, and for some reason you thought you could change her. You date her because you genuinely like her, however it worries you that she cheated on her last boyfriend with you. However, the two of you end up dating for longer than anyone
thought you would and you have genuine feelings for her. The one thing you don’t like about her is that every party you go to,
you feel as if someone in the room has slept with her, and you feel that way because it is probably true. You guys ended breaking up the same way you began dating, however this time you are the douche she cheated on.

5. The Brain
You meet this girl at the library or bookstore and you are immediately attracted to her exquisite mind. At first you find the intellectual challenge to be a turn on, almost as if every time she speaks you fall deeper in love. The problem is that the fact that she is so much smarter than you makes you feel as
though you are not good enough. You constantly find yourself wondering if what you are saying makes sense and you are afraid to show any sign of stupidity. As much as this girl motivates you, you will never be able to be yourself around
her, which ultimately ends your relationship.

4. The Insecure One
This girl is the definition of insecure. She is obsessed with her weight and is always comparing herself to models. She is constantly asking if “you find her prettier than me” every time you glance in the direction of another girl. She freaks out when
you are out and convinces herself that you are going to find someone better. She doesn’t realize or accept how much you really like her and after a while it becomes exhausting trying to make her see in herself what you see in her. The two of you eventually part ways but you always think of what it would have been like had she been a little more confident.

3. The Mom
No, this girl is not a mom, she just reminds you of your mom. You don’t realize it at first because you were enjoying her cooking too much. Slowly her comforting nature becomes slightly familiar. She begins to use expressions your mom uses
and starts doing motherly things like laying your clothes out for you and packing your lunches with notes inside. Although you are able to handle the good aspects of dating a girl like your mom, everything changes when the two women in your
life meet. They are so alike that your girlfriend can no longer arouse you because you will only be able to think about your mom every time you see her…not s*xy.

2. The Sweetheart
She is legitimately the sweetest girl you have ever met. Your friends and family adore her and she always manages to make you feel good about yourself. She is a nurse or a school teacher and she honestly has not one bad bone in her body. You are completely enamored by her sweetness however
her innocent bliss becomes slightly annoying. You miss the challenge of being with an opinionated woman. Breaking up with her is one of the hardest breakups you were ever part of and when you see her months later she completely shuns you.
That is the thing about sweet girls, they sour easily.

1. The Dam
You love her because everyone fears her and dating her is like being with mama G talking about nollywood star, you never know
what you are going to get. The Dam usually comes from money and her parents have never disciplined her. Your friends hate her, your parents hate her and every waiter that has ever served the two of you hates her, but you couldn’t care less. You are so
mesmerized by her brutal honesty and ability to scare people that you don’t even realize how whipped you have become. After her brief spell begins to fade you start to see how emasculating she really is and even though it is the best s*x of your life, you need to cut to cord quick or you will end up marrying the Dam.

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