Signs You’re a Side Chick
Here are signs he thinks of you as a side chick. You only go on weeknight dates. Simply put, weekends are reserved for actual girlfriends (or “main chicks” if you’re seriously terrified of commitment). There’s nothing wrong with a Wednesday night date or meeting for lunch on a Friday,... Read more
12 Girls You May Date Before Finding The One
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7 Companies Guys Work With That Can Make Ladies Quickly Date Or Marry Them
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11 Good Reasons To Get Married While You’re Young
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20 Ways To Recognize A Good Partner
1) They ignore past mistakes A good partner puts the past in perspective and doesn’t constantly bring up reminders from the past that serve no valuable purpose in the present. Such as something their partner did months or years earlier. Move on! 2) They don’t compare The partner realises... Read more
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